Caroline’s Story



This note of thanks to you is long overdue. Caroline has been enrolled at Bundle of Joy for over a year and a half and her time with you and your team has been very special for her and for us. The whole arrangement at Bundle of Joy – both the staff and the home feels like a second home to Caroline.


We know that Caroline gets love and attention at Bundle of Joy that I truly unique! Nothing better illustrates this than when we ran into a couple of staff at the grocery store one evening. You would have thought that they had found their long lost sister, the way they doted over her. And this attention at Bundle of Joy really eases the guilt feelings of leaving our “baby” each day.


It isn’t easy having both parents work- as you well know. But when we leave Caroline with you, we know that she will be safe, that she will be nutritiously fed, and that her personality will be nurtured and encouraged. Because she is in one of your homes she has had the opportunity to explore and experience things that wouldn’t be available to her in a more institutional setting. This summer was particularly great as Caroline had the opportunity to watch your garden grow and play outside – much like she would if we could be home with her. Now that winter is on its way, we know that she will spend time reading and learning to love books – which we view as one of the most important educational skills/loves that we can teach a child – and that she will learn new skills as you begin craft projects and other types of creative play.


Caroline is growing up so fast and it is so sun to watch her grow and learn. As we see Caroline so proud of her daily accomplishments and watch the development of her social skills and ability to interact with others – both children and adults – we know that her time at Bundle of Joy is very well spent. Thanks so much for being a part of our family.


With sincere appreciation,


Steve and Janet Freiling


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