Jeremy’s Story

Dear Bell and Monet,


After much thought and with a sense of bitter-sweetness, Brian and I have decided that Jeremy is ready for Kindergarten at Riverdale Grade School. This is bitter for us, we love Bundle of Joy and we will miss you folks dearly. I kept on trying to think about what it is that makes leaving Bundle of Joy so hard and what it is that makes Bundle of Joy so special. In previous recommendations, I have written about how I am amazed that you keep the house cleaner with 16 children than I keep my house with 2 children and a housekeeper! However, that is not really what is causing this deep sense of sadness. Of course it is because the teachers are so special. However, that is trite to say and I wanted to give it more definition.


I realized what it was the other day when I was describing my son and Bundle of Joy to another Riverdale parent. I was talking about how good he is about cleaning up messes when asked and about how his room is always clean (unlike his sister). I was thinking that some of this is due to his natural personality (i.e. nature). However, I also believe without a shadow of doubt, that a good deal of this is because of how he is being raised by Bundle of Joy. I hear your voice from the words he uses and the intonation that he uses. Together, we have formed a consistent partnership that comes from having common values. It is this last aspect that I have come to learn is the most profound when choosing someone to provide childcare for your child. Of course, any daycare worth it’s weight in salt will nurture your child and make them feel wanted, but what kind of imprint will they leave on your child at his impressionable age? Will they give him the foundation of self-esteem needed to grow and experiment? It is the parents responsibility to do these things, but when your child spends so much time at a daycare, it is naïve to think that parents can do this alone. This to me is why Bundle of Joy is so special.


I mentioned that the decision was bitter sweet and I have explained “bitter”. Now for the sweet- it is also sweet because together we have done our job. In the last six months, our Momo has blossomed into a little boy ready to take on new adventures with a wonderful sense of curiosity and confidence. If you could have only seen him at the Kindergarten Round up- we were late and when we walked in with out any prompting from me, he walked right in and pronounced “Hi Everybody! My name is Momo.) I am not exaggerating when I say that virtually every parent has mentioned this to me and even more impressive is how many children already know who he is. This is our achievement together- Bundle of Joy and Team Linver.


So again with a sense of bitter-sweetness, Momo will graduate from this wonderful place on August 31st, but he will take Bundle of Joy with him forever. Thank you for all you have done.




Tamy Linver


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