Kai’s Story

Dear Bell,


We would like to express our appreciation for the wonderful care Bundle of Joy has provided to our son, Kai. Prior to moving to Oregon, we struggled with the daunting task of finding “the perfect” daycare for Kai. However, our search immediately came to an end upon discovering Bundle of Joy. Not only were we impressed by the beautiful, clean setting of the home, but also the safe, nurturing manner in which daily educational lessons were provided. From the onset, we were welcomed into the Bundle of Joy family with kindness and warmth – however, it was when we saw the sparkle and excitement reflected in Kai’s eyes on his first day that we knew we had selected the right place for him.


Throughout the past year, Bundle of Joy has continually surpassed all our expectations. We have noticed a marked improvement in Kai’s verbal communication and social skills, and he has grown into a happy, confident, and independent young child who loves reading and learning. On an almost daily basis he expresses his pleasure with My Bundle of Joy – “I love my school!” – and we couldn’t agree even more. We feel very fortunate to have found you and your staff, and would highly recommend Bundle of Joy to any parent who, as we once did, are currently undertaking the daunting task of finding “the perfect” daycare for their own precious child.


Thank you again, Bell, and we look forward to another chapter as our newborn, Auwana, begins his adventure at your Bundle of Joy Infant/Toddler care.




Christopher and Rogelyn Kwock


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