Karli’s Story

While we are very happy that Bell and her family have decided to relocate to a place that will make them happier, we are very sad to be losing the family tat has cared for our 19 month old daughter Karli during the beginning and most important part of her young life. When our daughter was born, my husband and I realized that we could not afford for one of us to stay home with her nor did we have a family member that was available, so we began the mission of finding the “perfect person” to care for Karli while we were at work. Our intense search included interviewing about 30 licensed daycare providers on the phone and approximately 10 in person- We were becoming very desperate in our search until we met Bell. What an incredible relief! We had found the “perfect person”!!!


What a delight to meet a family who still believes in respect for others as well as each other. We have always observed each member of the Bockus family to happily contribute to the household chores as well as the daycare. They are all happy to share whatever they have with each other as well as the daycare children and even to the parents! Bell and Lacey have always provided an environment that was free of most limitations and full of opportunities for learning and exploration. Karli’s imagination has constantly been encouraged by the wonderful toys and play areas in Bell’s home which include entertaining puppet shows put on by Bell’s own children!! The group of daycare children including Karli, have learned by example the “warm fuzzies” from sharing with others, the art of compassion, and the incredible feeling of friendship from the bonds they have created. The children squeal with delight when they see each other each morning and give each other lots of hugs and kisses – We believe this has all been due to the security, love, and joy these children feel while in the care of Bell and her family.


In closing, my husband and I STRONGLY RECOMMEND Bell and her family if you are looking for a very rare and wonderful environment full of love, fun, trust, and learning for your child. Please feel free to contact us if you would like additional information as we could continue our praises of Bell’s daycare for many, many pages!




Cindy Hughes Gary Hughes

Assistant to the Executive Director Purchasing Manager

Colorado State Board of Nursing Hazen Research, Inc.


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