Kate’s Story

Dear Bell and Monet,


It is hard to know where to begin and explain how impressed Todd and I am with the Bundle of Joy Infant/Toddler home. We write this letter to express our highest recommendation for the Bundle of Joy Infant/Toddler home. Also, we write this letter to express our appreciation for all the time and effort, above and beyond your formal hours of operation, you spend supporting Bundle of Joy.


We made the decision to enroll Kate, in the Bundle of Joy Infant/Toddler program beginning the fall. After having an in-home care experience with our now four year old daughter, Taylor and five friend’s / co-worker’s infants enrolled at Bundle of Joy, the decision to enroll Kate at Bundle of Joy was easy! Especially given the fact that two of the five parents had two children each enrolled at Bundle of Joy from the start. We only wished that we had met you when Taylor was a baby!


The warm, caring environment that you provide is wonderful. Your attention to cleanliness, nutrition and safety leaves us without a worry when we drop Kate off. It is clear by the smile that lights up Kate’s face each morning when she is greeted, that she is loved and well cared for. Bundle of Joy provides a tremendous focus on positive emotional development. Your commitment to develop independent, positive, respectful, creative, curious, individual, fun-loving, well-mannered children is outstanding.


Each day Taylor and I drop off Kate at the Bundle of Joy Infant/Toddler home and each day Taylor is greeted as warmly as her baby sister. We always enjoy starting our day with the warm, cheery welcome your staff give!




Suzanne & Todd Gorham


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