Matthew’s Story



It is with mixed emotions that we leave Bundle of Joy. Although I am delighted that I will now be able to be with Matthew all of the time and Rachel when she is not in school, I am saddened at the thought of leaving all of you (that includes all of the children too!) as you have been such an integral and positive part of my children’s lives.



The past 2 ¼ years with Bundle of Joy have been wonderful for Rachel and Matthew. The care the staff provide is excellent. You offer a unique combination of love, enthusiasm, and discipline which provides the necessary balance for each child in your care.



I admire and respect you for making the choice and putting forth the extra effort to create an environment of learning, respect, and friendship without the aid of television or videos. The children have ample opportunity for play, structured activities in relation to their developmental capacity, and assurance of creating a special bond with each of you.



You, Monet, and staff clearly love children and I believe that is the most important element in determining why Bundle of Joy works! I couldn’t think of a better place for my kids to have been while I was working. From the day we started I always felt secure that my children were safe, well cared for, and most importantly, loved, while I could not be with them.



Thank you,


Trish Hickman


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