Mervich’s Family’s Story

It is our pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Bundle of Joy.



Our son attends Bundle of Joy and we are very pleased with the care he has received from the Bundle of Joy staff. When we started our daycare search, we were disappointed with the places we toured and considered having one of us stay home full-time until we visited Bundle of Joy. We were very relieved to have found a place that felt like home.



There are two things that set Bundle of Joy apart from other daycares: their facilities and staff. The infant/toddler houses (we’ve been at both the Canby house and the John’s Landing house) are always neat and clean. The houses are organized, full of wonderful toys, and atheistically pleasing. There is plenty of space in each house for children to play and there are several bedrooms with cribs where the children can sleep without distractions. The houses provide a warm and inviting environment to infants and toddlers rather than maximizing the number of children per legal square inch which seems to be the case in many daycare situations.



The second thing that sets Bundle of Joy apart is their exceptional staff. It is obvious that Bell takes pride in her work and providing exceptional care to children. It is also obvious that she takes pride in hiring and maintaining an excellent staff. The staff is very loving towards our son; he receives lots of hugs, throughout the day and kisses goodbye. The staff are always pleasant, organized, and very knowledgeable. When we drop off our son, he always greets them with a big smile and reaches for them to hold him. I truly believe that our son has benefited from his care at Bundle of Joy. It’s a wonderful feeing knowing that our child is having fun in a loving environment while we are at work.





Hollie and Bob Mervich


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