Mia’s Story

To Potential Bundle of Joy Parents:



Deciding whether or not to enroll our new baby in daycare was a very hard decision to make. We jut got to know her and already it was time to get back to work. Even harder was that perhaps it was not necessity. Should we be putting our self-fulfillment on par with raising our child? We could get along without a second paycheck, right? It would be a tight budget, but we could do it. Either one of us would be proud to b a stay at home parent. In the whole scheme of things, what’s a few years off? But, alas, whether it’s ambition or self-worth or the realization that, in fact, we are a bit selfish, we decided to go with childcare.



Luckily, Bundle of Joy put all these doubts on the back burner. Oh, they’re still there. It’s part of a parent’s guilt. But at least we know our child is well taken care of during the day. She’s happy, well-adjusted and has far more friends than us. She’s content to be dropped off in the morning- in fact, as we round the corner she says “We’re home!” Even better she’s overjoyed when we pick her up, and she says, “Let’s go home.” It’s nice to know she feels as safe and secure at Bundle of Joy as she does at home. And even though we aren’t with Mia during the day, we know that Miss Monet – Mia’s “Mae-Mae” – and her staff give her lots of hands-on love and attention. It shows in how Mia relates to us and those around her with self-confidence and care. Sure she’s a toddler, which means she can be, well, opinionated. But at Bundle of Joy she learns to “use her words” and her manners. Finally, Mia has had the same caregivers for almost two years at the infant/toddler home, and they have been an invaluable source for those of us without family in the area.



Bundle of Joy is a cut above the rest. We miss our Mia during the day terribly, but we don’t worry about her.



Jennifer & Matthew Michel


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