Olivia’s Story

Hi Bell,



Before and after our daughter Olivia was born, we visited multiple daycares in the Portland area. Each facility left us uneasy about returning to work. Bell set the stage for our positive first impression of Bundle of Joy as she was very responsive, professional, organized and friendly. During our first visit to Bundle of Joy, Monet and all of the Ladies greeted us with warm smiles and open arms. This was the first daycare that offered to hold Olivia during our visit. I knew then that this was the daycare for us. The entire home was clean, bright, full of many fun toys and calm despite the 15 children in the home. We did not hesitate to confirm Olivia’s enrollment at Bundle of Joy. We smiled and breathed a huge sigh of relief.



In the mornings, Miss Kari or Miss Vanessa kindly greets us at the door and inquires about Olivia’s evening. Olivia never hesitates, but eagerly leans to them, ready for breakfast and to play with her friends. Each evening, Miss Kari or Miss Vanessa reviews in detail Olivia’s day, answers our questions, and offers funny or monumental events from the day that they know we would not want to miss.



After one year, we are still thrilled to have Olivia at Bundle of Joy. All of the Ladies are warm, gentle, fun, smart and loving. There is no doubt in our minds about the love that they have for each child. We see it everyday when we drop off and pick up Olivia. Bundle of Joy offers Olivia a fun, structured, educational and loving environment where she progresses at her own pace. We recommend Bundle of Joy to everyone.




Angie and Joe Rock

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