Parents, both current and previous clients, offered these gracious letters of recommendation to us. We wish to share them with you here.


Olivia’s Story : “Before and after our daughter Olivia was born, we visited multiple daycares in the Portland area. Each facility left us uneasy…”


Marcus’ Story: “Before stumbling upon Bundle of Joy, we had visited at least fifteen different daycare homes and centers.  After each visit we left with the feeling “we can’t leave our baby here…”


Kate’s Story “The warm, caring environment that you provide is wonderful. Your attention to cleanliness, nutrition and safety leaves us without a worry when we drop Kate off….”

Aiden’s Story : “There was a world of difference between Bundle of Joy and the other daycares I saw…”


Harper’s Story : “The bright, happy faces of the children and genuine interest in Harper from the staff were wonderful…”

Lauren’s Story : “Not only is Lauren happy at Bundle of Joy, but she is also learning so many positive things. Bundle of Joy provides an open environment for learning and re-enforcing social skills along with good manners…”


Kendall’s Story : “We highly recommend Bundle of Joy as an excellent daycare. Each staff member is wonderful and special in her own way. Kendall has taken turns having a soft spot for each person..”


Emma’s Story : “. It took about 30 seconds-sitting in the bright and cheery kitchen with Emma perched in Monet’s lap-to realize we had found Emma’s ‘second home.’ “


Kaitlyn’s Story : “Kaitlyn loves her time at Bundle of Joy. Every morning she can hardly wait to get out of the car and start playing with her buddies. She is growing and blossoming so fast. The comfort of knowing that she is in such loving, caring and nurturing hands when we leave her each day can hardly be expressed in words.”


Etta’s Story : “You truly have co-raised her with Roy and I. Etta is thriving and we owe much of that to your hard work and loving arms.”


Lola’s Story : “Lola has now been at Bundle of Joy for more than 9 months, and we are all very happy – she gets very excited to go to “school,” and I know she’s well taken care of (and loved, both by the other kids and the misses).  Every day, I get a status report giving me the important stats of the day – food, naps, diapers, general notes.”


Kevin’s Story : “It has been our pleasure to have our son, Kevin in the care of Bundle of Joy Day care for the past two years. This was Kevin’s first experience with day care so I was very selective in choosing a care provider. From the very beginning he loved to go to Bundle of Joy and was often up early standing by the door waiting to go.”


Joey’s Story : “Finding a daycare program is not an easy task when you are unable to stay home. We were overwhelmed with the many programs in the Portland area. We were lucky to have a friend who recommended Bundle of Joy.”


Mia’s Story : “Bundle of Joy is a cut above the rest. We miss our Mia during the day terribly, but we don’t worry about her.”


The Mervich’s Family’s Story : “Our son attends Bundle of Joy and we are very pleased with the care he has received from the Bundle of Joy staff. When we started our daycare search, we were disappointed with the places we toured and considered having one of us stay home full-time until we visited Bundle of Joy. We were very relieved to have found a place that felt like home.”


The Klarp Family’s Story : “The Bundle of Joy staff are all working to provide a very clean, secure, warm and loving place for children. An environment for children to thrive in and parents to feel very good about.”


Kai’s Story : “We would like to express our appreciation for the wonderful care Bundle of Joy has provided to our son, Kai. Prior to moving to Oregon, we struggled with the daunting task of finding “the perfect” daycare for Kai. However, our search immediately came to an end upon discovering Bundle of Joy.”


Jeremy’s Story : “I also believe without a shadow of doubt, that a good deal of this is because of how he is being raised by Bundle of Joy. I hear your voice from the words he uses and the intonation that he uses.”


Matthew’s Story : “The past 2 ¼ years with Bundle of Joy have been wonderful for Rachel and Matthew. The care the staff provide is excellent. You offer a unique combination of love, enthusiasm, and discipline which provides the necessary balance for each child in your care.”


August’s Story : “I could go on and on about the virtues of Bundle of Joy but, would like to point out one last thing. August is happy to be there, he gets excited when we pull up in the morning and almost leaps into one of your staffs waiting arms. In my mind this is the highest praise that can be given to you.”


The Centrone Family’s Story : “We have been extremely satisfied with our choice to send our daughter to My Bundle of Joy for day care. Well before our daughter was born we went back and forth on whether or not to hire a full-time nanny, an au pair or to send our daughter to day care.”


The Fuller Family Story : “Finding someone you trust to take care of your child is the hardest thing a parent can do, but you and your staff have put our mind at ease. We have found that Bundle of Joy is the best place for our child. She enjoys the activities and interaction of the staff and the other children, and often does not want to leave at the end of the day.”


Tristan’s Story : ” The staff at Bundle of Joy clearly loves the children and enjoys being with them everyday. They are always smiling, friendly and playing with the children. They treat each child with love and respect. There is no doubt that Tristan is very happy at Bundle of Joy.”


Caroline’s Story : ” We know that Caroline gets love and attention at Bundle of Joy that I truly unique! Nothing better illustrates this than when we ran into a couple of staff at the grocery store one evening. You would have thought that they had found their long lost sister, the way they doted over her. And this attention at Bundle of Joy really eases the guilt feelings of leaving our “baby” each day.”


The Fratzke Family Story : ” It is with great pleasure that we recommend Bundle of Joy  day care to you. We have had both of our children enrolled at Bundle of Joy for over one and one half years and we must say that the manner in which they have been treated is of the most paramount of service.”


CPR/First Aid Instructor’s Story : “This is a follow-up to the CPR/First Aid class that I taught on September 9th. As an instructor I am in many daycare’s in the Portland area…. Bundle of Joy is by far the best.”


Cameron’s Story : ” This marks our first anniversary with Bundle of Joy Daycare. It was truly a blessing in disguise when we had to find new daycare and discovered Bell. I had interviewed about a half a dozen other daycare providers and after meeting with Bell I knew I had to look no further.”


Karli’s Story : “We were becoming very desperate in our search until we met Bell. What an incredible relief!…”