Tristan’s Story

Dear Potential Bundle of Joy family,



When considering childcare for our son, Tristan, we only visited daycare facilities that were personally recommended to us. Upon visiting the other daycares, we were very disappointed with not only the facilities, but most importantly, the amount of attention the staff provided to Tristan. After meeting Bell, Monet, and the rest of the Bundle of Joy staff, we knew immediately that Bundle of Joy was the place for Tristan. The atmosphere is one of a friendly nurturing home, which results in happy kids. You can immediately see in the children’s face that they are comfortable, happy, and feel secure in their surroundings.



The staff at Bundle of Joy clearly loves the children and enjoys being with them everyday. They are always smiling, friendly and playing with the children. They treat each child with love and respect. There is no doubt that Tristan is very happy at Bundle of Joy. He is excited each day when he arrives at the house and we often have difficulty getting him to leave at the end of the day. Because Tristan is so comfortable, he is learning many positive things at Bundle of Joy; including how to play with others, how to use his manners, and how to communicate. Although we can’t be with him during the day, we know he is learning and developing in a healthy environment.



Tristan has some food allergies, which can make planning meals a little more challenging. The staff at Bundle of Joy not only address his dietary needs, but they provide personal attention for all aspects of his time there. We know and appreciate that the staff is willing to address any concerns that we may have. In addition to meeting Tristan’s needs, as parents, we really appreciate the daily updates. Keeping up-to-date on how his day went, his routine, and his development is crucial to us. The pictures not only put a smile on our face every time we see them, but they also let us enjoy the birthday parties and other fun activities that the children get to experience.



It makes it easier for us to go to work each day knowing that Tristan is in such a safe and loving environment. We can’t think of a better place for Tristan to spend his day and it is our pleasure to highly recommend the Bundle of Joy Infant/Toddler homes.





Brad and April Goehring


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